Who should attend Digital Family Summit?

Families with tween/teen-aged kids who are either already creating or interested in learning how to create digital media, including blogs and video, and who are engaging on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Polyvore, etc.).

If your kids are digital creators and you’re not: please come!

If you’re a digital creator and your kids are not, but they’re interested: please come!

If you are all digital creators and want to learn more: please come!

If you want to learn how to make digital content a family affair: please come!

7502499688_0410a54c8c_oWhat’s the age range for kid participants in the conference?

Our suggested age range is 10-18, however, we are going to leave it up to you to determine if your kid is ready to learn and absorb all that the conference has to offer.  If your tween/teen wants to begin blogging or creating digital video or other digital media at this conference, they should be reading at or above their age level, have appropriate maturity to listen and ask relevant questions in sessions, and be very internet savvy.

What if one of my kids is into the conference stuff, and the other(s) are not?

We hope that you’ll bring the whole family: your non-participating kids can enjoy Baltimore with a parent while your digital creators soak up the conference.  All meals and all parties are open to the entire family – our food and activities will be kid-friendly across all ages.

We will also have an activity area for the younger ones, roughly ages 4-10, who are not participating in the conference – we expect it will include crafts, games (digital and analog), and books.  Please note, however, that we are not providing childcare; all kids in the younger kids’ activity area must be accompanied by an adult.

I’m only one parent (or only one of us can attend) and I have multiple kids – how can we attend and keep it interesting for all?

If you are attending with only one parent/guardian and multiple kids, we would expect that your participating kid(s) would attend sessions and workshops by themselves.  All of our activities, with few exceptions, will take place within the Baltimore Hilton Hotel and all on one floor – in fact, everything is in one area of the  hotel.  If we program outside activities (such as a photography/video workshop where we may walk around the city) we will require release forms in order for your under-18-year-old to participate unaccompanied.

Why do we need to buy tickets for everyone in the family, even if not everyone is participating in the sessions?

We are striving to create an inclusive conference where all family members participate in meals, parties and special activities, whether they are taking part in panels and sessions or not. Therefore we ask that you please purchase a registration for each member of your family over the age of 4.  We will have special non-digital-creator activities for kids ages 4-10 and all snacks, meals and parties will be kid-friendly and include all family members.

We really don’t want to create a have/have not situation where little Emily or Oscar doesn’t have a ticket and therefore can’t eat with her/his family or has to sneak in to parties….please respect that we’re including 6 meals and 3 snack breaks for everyone at a very low per-person price!

I bought my tickets, but now I can’t attend. What is your refund policy?

Sorry, There are no refunds. No exceptions. Tickets may be transferred to another person, but are subject to a $25 administrative fee per ticket.  All transfers must be completed two weeks before the conference.  If you are transferring a ticket, please contact us so we can insure the proper badge will be at registration.  Tickets are also non-transferable to a future conference.

Have other questions? Please contact us and ask!