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Eva Baker is a 16 year old blogger who has gotten her family and friends deeply involved with her blog.  The blog Teens Got Cents , is a family affair, featuring posts and articles from her mom, her friends, and some guest bloggers.  She takes on a number of topics, mostly involving frugality, good judgement, and living “centsibly.”

Eva Baker, 16 year old blogger and author of 7 Days to Centsible Savings

Eva Baker, 16 year old blogger and author of 7 Days to Centsible Savings

Her blog got its start when she and her mom listened to an audio book version of  Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover.  She realized while listening that planning and budgeting your finances is interesting and can be fun – especially when you are young and haven’t had time to make many financial mistakes yet.  

She started her blog in January of 2013.  It has a number of topics, including CollegeCents, MomCents, ShoppingCents, and BlogCents.   The common theme seems to be financial advice and the travails of a teen (both good things!)  Her mom Charlotte is also a regular contributor. She’s updating her blog 2-4 times per week.

Two things seem to be missing:  FashionCents  and Your Two Cents (email/feedback)  She actually has a contact form, but under a rather more prosaic CONTACT US tab. (Which is perfectly fine– I just thought she’d like… (wait for it) My Two Cents.   (It probably wasn’t worth it)

7days_bookRecent blogposts include an interview with The Family CEO blogger Julie Mayfield, an interview with a law student doing a blog about philanthrocapitalism, a “What To Do” article for when your wallet is lost and/or stolen, as well as a set of interviews with teen entrepreneurs.  She’s also written a free e-book 7 Days to Centsible Savings which is available on her site in return for your email address.

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