PROFILE: Matt Nadel, Teen Baseball Blogger

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Matt Nadel is a teen baseball blogger, and the youngest pro blogger on

Matt Nadel is a teen baseball blogger, and the youngest pro blogger on

Matt Nadel is a 14 year old 8th grader from Springfield, NJ who loves video games, chocolate ice cream with rice krispies, and especially baseball.   He started his blog as a way to learn more about the game he loves and to  teach kids (and maybe even adults) about the history of our national past time.  Right now he aspires to be a baseball historian and journalist.  At 14, he is the youngest Pro blogger on  

Matt has achieved some notoriety for his work, and has already achieved some amazing scores, including interviews with  Fred Lynn, Hall of Famers Jim Palmer, Hank Aaron, and Yogi Berra, Executive Director of the Sportswriters Association and Fall of Fame Dave Goren , Joe Pickering (a great baseball song writer), Jordan Sprechman (an official MLB scorer for the Yanks and Mets) and Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio.  He’s also been featured a few times in various print and online media, including an article on Mashable (see below) and another article in the NJ Sun-Ledger.

In a recent blogpost, Matt explained a clever and industrious way in which he thought ahead to work around one of the big problems for teen and tween bloggers who blog during the summer:  Sleepaway camp.

Here’s what he had to say:

Hey baseball fans!

I have some news to tell you about my blog posts coming out over the next four weeks. So, as you know, it’s currently summer, which means that it’s time for many kids to go to camp. Well, I am actually leaving for sleepaway camp tomorrow. It’s called Cedar Lake Camp in Milford, Pennsylvania and I will be gone for about four weeks. Anyway, I’m not allowed any Internet connection, which means that I will not be able to write any new posts. However, I have already written a bunch of posts and my dad will be putting them up for me on Baseball with Matt every four days or so while I am away. After I get home from camp, posts will be going up on a more regular basis. 


To read Matt’s blog, visit

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