EBOOK: The More You Know takes on Growing Up Online

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Growing Up OnlineNBC New’s Initiative The More You Know has taken on online safety in a fun and interesting way.  They’ve created a digital interactive tool/ebook called Growing Up Online that has articles, videos, comic books, and is completely free to the public. 
With 62 digital pages, Growing Up Online gives parents a tool to start the conversation with their kids about how to navigate the internet safely.  
The ebook has two parts– one for parents (The Parent Primer) and one for parents with their kids (The World Wild Web).  

The parent primer features tips and discussion ideas for you to bring your kids. The second part features four interactive digital comics that parents and kids can watch together and discuss.  Topics in that part include handling pop-up advertising through online gaming, digital footprints, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content.

The eBook is available for free on the majority of tablet devices as well as desktop viewing (if you don’t have a tablet.) To download or view a copy visit: http://www.themoreyouknow.com/ebooks

Here’s an example story from the Kid’s track:



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