2013 DIGIFAM SPEAKER: Lara DiPaola

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This is a series of interviews with the speakers of Digital Family Summit 2013, October 11-13.
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Lara DiPaolaLara DiPaola is a California Native transplanted to the Baltimore-DC metro. A wrangler of kids and cats, this mother of four serves as the Director of Marketing for CertifiKid, a family-focused daily deal site based in Maryland with branches in major cities from coast-to-coast. In her ‘spare’ time Lara traipses about globe, sometimes sans offspring, writing about travel for TravelingMom.com and USA Today Travel Media. Her family is currently eight stadiums into their journey to visit all of America’s Major League ballparks.

twitter:  @dipaolamamma
website: http://www.chickennuggetsofwisdom.com

How did you get involved with blogging?

I was listening to talk radio on the way to drop off the kids at school, and the DJ kept using the word, “blog”. I had no clue what the word meant, and I can’t abide by being out of the know. So, I looked it up online and found this amazing Brigadoon where people where writing about whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. I’d found my happy place. In 2007, I gave birth to my fifth child; Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, named in part for the fact that my four year old son would eat noting that did not come in the form closely resembling a chicken nugget.

What blogs do you read regularly?

The Onion

If you could travel back in time and send yourself a message, what would it be?

He is a loser, run. Really, it would be to own what and who you want to be. Popularity and conformity change with the times, being an original never goes out of style.

Any advice for young bloggers?

Be mindful of your words, both in how you use them and why. Words have great power, and as Uncle Ben says, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

What’s the biggest danger facing digital teens & their families today?

Losing the art of face-to-face communication and conversation. Advice? Unplug often, it will help your relationship, build skills and make your digital world that much more enjoyable.

What are you going to talk about at the conference?

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat

What’s next for you after the Digital Family Summit?

My family and I’s first visit to Philly!

Who are your Creative Heroes?

Hemingway. Write drunk, edit sober. No really, it’s because he was never apologetic in the way he chose to present his art.

Do you have any hobbies other than digital media creation? What are you passionate about?

I’m a trained cook (not chef, didn’t finish school). Travel is my life’s work and reward. I paint, not well..but I enjoy it.

What’s your favorite technology to help you blog/write/tweet/edit?

vodka. Um, I mean my iPhone.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I am a veteran. My kids are 19, 14, 8 and 7, making our digital -and real- lives challenging and rewarding. My oldest son is in Marine Corps Boot Camp and I’m going through digital withdraws not being able to text with him daily. 


 Adam Gertsacov is the co-founder and co-organizer of Digital Family Summit.  He wears many hats, including those of a professional clown, an author and publisher, an artist/educator, a non-profit administrator, a P.T. Barnum impersonator, a flea circus impresario, and the esteemed hat of the Clown Laureate of Greenbelt, Maryland.  

In his copious freetime, he blogs at http://www.clownlink.com and http://www.dadapalooza.com, as well as a few other places.
You can find out more about his clown work at http://www.acmeclown.com

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