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Teen Lit Rocks

Teen Lit Rocks is a website devoted to what’s commonly known as YA Fiction (for “Young Adult”).  Started by two sisters Diana & Sandie, they began the site as a way of working together. Diana is a bilingual educator and elementary-school ESL specialist. Sandie is a prolific writer, blogger, and movie reviewer. (and she is also a speaker at our conference!)

Both writers clearly write about the books with passion, and give their honest opinions about the books.  Here’s what they say about their love of YA Fiction:

We’re sisters who love to read. We’re also mothers, wives, pop-culture junkies and coffee aficionados. And yes, we fall in love with fictional guys on a regular basis, but our husbands don’t seem to mind.

In addition to Sandie and Diana, they also have a few other contributors.  (One of whom is another speaker at Digifam!, teenage blogger Tapanga Perrin of They Call Me T.)

The site has a book club, book reviews, and they do a number of book giveaways.  They also have a very interesting series called CONFESSIONS OF A YA JUNKIE, in which people can write in to tell their story about why and how they got into YA fiction, and what makes it so interesting to them.

Here’s a list of the last 8 book club books:

‘The Girl in the Park’ by Mariah Fredericks

Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald

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