PROFILE: Nick Normile: Foodie At 15 (now 19!)

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Foodie at Fifteen at age 19.

4 years ago, Nick Normile, a teenager in the Philadelphia suburbs, started a blog about his passion, food.  Other than being a foodie, he was (and is) a pretty normal kid.  He ran cross country, The blog wasn’t an ordinary blog– it quickly became a bit of a sensation. It was nominated for the Teen Bloggie award a couple of times, and Nick has appeared on television, at conferences, and pretty much all over the area.  He also had a series of high profile apprenticeships at high end restaurants.

Nick Normile at age 16

Nick is still blogging, although he’s now 19 and a Wharton student at the University of Pennsylvania.   It’s pretty great to go looking through the archives of the blog and see how much Nick (and the blog, and his cooking) have progressed.

You can also read an archived article about Nick in the City Paper from 2009.
It’s got some pretty good insights into how he got one of his apprenticeships, and the relationship between food and mood.  There’s also a link to one of his most well-known posts, a description of “The finest meal of his life” a lunch at Per Se, where he blew half a year’s salary (of a high school student) on 4.5 hours of bliss.
Check out that post here: BEST MEAL OF HIS LIFE.


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