PROFILE: Samantha Oliveras, Stop Piracy Now

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Samantha Oliveras, on set, making a digital piracy PSA

The New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment (MOME) launched the next phase of its campaign against digital piracy, aimed to educate NYC youth on the harmful effects of illegal content theft.  And they did it by partnering with a high school student.

The student, Samantha Oliveras, is a Herbert H. Lehman High School student.  She worked with MOME, Fathom Communications, Option Squared and other production partners to professionally produce the campaign, which includes a Public Service Announcement video and a print version. From conception to wardrobe, Samantha brought a fresh, teenage perspective to the set. She was also able to learn about the behind-the-scenes process first-hand during production.

Samantha won the opportunity in a contest last fall.  “Samantha’s creative idea was chosen because she really captured the spirit of young New Yorkers ,” said Commissioner Katherine Oliver, Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment. “We thought speaking peer-to-peer would be a very effective approach and a new direction for the campaign to take.”

The PSA video follows two creative industry workers as they pack up their workspaces after losing their jobs as a result of digital piracy. Their story is told through a rap song, and the two workers end up performing a dance number to make up for lost wages. A “pirate” then enters the scene, and the laid-off workers trap him, exacting their revenge.

“It’s an experience, and I think I’m going to remember it for a long time,” Samantha said.



Find out more about the campaign:

Find out more about MOME:


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