PROFILE: Maelo Manning, libdemchild

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Maelo Manning is a 12 year old political blogger from England.

British blogger Maelo Manning started her political blog libdemchild in April of 2010.  What’s astonishing about that is that she did so when she was 10 years old!

Since that time, she’s been featured in a number of articles about young bloggers, including an article in The Independent (and she’s spoken at a few conferences and meetings as well.)

Here’s what she says at the top of her blog:

You’re probably wondering whether this is really a child’s blog or not. Well it is, hence the name Libdem Child. I believe in the Lib Dem principles of fairness, equality and community. I may have only started in politics when i was ten years old but I can hold a good debate on politics. Honest, I can.

And she can!  Take a look at her blog posts, they are very well reasoned and researched, and she posts about once a week or so.  Her blog has also been picked in top picks of British Political blogs.

Here’s a great interview of Maelo from Youtube with journalist Jazzmin Jiwa.


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