PROFILE: Lane Sutton, 15 year old Entrepreneur

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Lane Sutton

Portrait of the entrepreneur as a young man.

Lane Sutton is a 15-year-old young entrepreneur who has grown up with technology and social media.

Lane works as a social media coach for brands, colleges, companies, and people to help them market and grow their social media presence.  Lane regularly speaks to conventions, corporations, business professionals, college students (both undergraduates and post-graduates) about the business of social media, personal branding, reaching the future generation of customers, online privacy, and inspiring fellow youth to follow their passions in the entrepreneurial world.

He recently spoke at SxSW 2012 Interactive, making him one of the youngest speakers ever.  He spoke on how to Market to the Net Generation.

CNN, Forbes, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and New England Cable News, among many other media outlets have all profiled Lane.

Lane has nearly 5000 followers on Twitter.  can be found connecting on Twitter, @LaneSutton where he creates conversations, and shares content by building up his personal brand with over 4700 followers.  You can also find out more about Lane on his website  He has a Posterious blog also, but that doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2010.  (Hey, everybody needs some downtime!)

Lane was featured on The Young Icons,  a nationally syndicated half-hour TV show that features successful young people under the age of 18.  Here’s his segment on that show via YouTube


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