PROFILE: Keen Karl Rivera- Not Your Ordinary Teen

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Keen Karl Rivera

Karl Rivera is not your ordinary teen.

Karl Rivera is not your ordinary teen. As a blogger he presents a fresh perspective on technology and social media. As a photographer he takes dynamic photos that resonate deeply within the viewer. As a speaker he delivers with passion and confidence. And as a teen he refuses to fall into the stereotype. He strives to break molds, and set an example for teens and even adults that come after him.  And if you read his blog, you will see that he mostly succeeds.

Karl’s first blog was Teen On Da Rise.  That blog mostly presented reviews on technology, along with a smattering of opinions about school and community.

In 2011, Karl moved to his current blog  Here he talks more about school, about social media, about technology, and about his photographs, all from a fresh teen perspective. He also provides a venue where people can hire him to do photo shoots or write.

In 2011 Karl co-presented a session at SxSW with Corvida Raven ( on Youth using social media to rebuild their communities.  He’s since spoken at Hispanicize, and a few other conferences.

Karl was recently accepted to Wheaton College in Norton, MA on a leadership based 4 year scholarship.

Here’s a great review with Karl from Hispanicize

Here’s a link to Karl’s Flickr Slideshow:

(I’ve also attached it below)

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