PROFILE: Austin Mahone, Singer & Video Star

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Austin Mahone is a 15 year old pop singer/sensation from San Antonio TX

Austin Mahone is a 15 year old budding pop star from San Antonio Texas.  It looks like he is on his way to being the next Justin Bieber.  He has a large following of “Mahomies” (over 500,000 on Twitter!) and his Youtube videos also have a significant amount of viewers.

Austin started out primarily doing Justin Bieber covers for Youtube in late 2010.  It quickly became a sensation, and his cover of Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe song went viral.  Although he’d been performing on Youtube for almost a year, his first public concert was in November of 2011.

Austin is currently recording new covers, and hoping to put out an album of covers and originals, and play more live performances.

To find out more, visit his website and Social media pages listed below.!/AustinMahone

And here’s a video of him performing at his first live concert on 11/11/11


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