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Adora Svitak in 2010

Adora at an early age

Adora Svitak was/is a child writing prodigy. At the age of 7 she published her first book, and was typing 70 words a minute. By age 12, she was typing 100 words a minute, speaking at national conventions, teaching writing classes, editing documents, and appearing on major talk shows. Diane Sawyer called her “A little literary giant.” In 2009, British Channel 4 called her “The Cleverest Child in the World.”

According to Amazon, Adora currently has three books available for sale– a full length novel, a book about her love of learning, co-written with her older sister who is a musician; and a co-written book that has a plan for youth to save $100 million dollars by saving on energy. View Adora’s Amazon Profile Page

Adora is now 14, and her latest project is called Write With Adora; an online literary magazine curated and edited by Adora. Anybody can submit work, although the sidebar of the site says: THE COLLECTED WORKS OF YOUNG LITERATI. So one assumes you should be young.

Here is Adora giving a speech called “Let Kids Be Kids”

And here is Adora’s TED talk “What parents can learn from kids”

View Adora’s website:

Write with Adora:

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