CAMP: Maker Camp- Virtual Camp for Teens

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 Maker Camp on Google+ LogoMaker Camp is  a virtual summer camp that started  on July 16 on Google+.

Sponsored by Make magazine, the camp aims to involve teenagers in creating, building and discovery using digital tools.

Maker Camp is free and open to all. It’s designed for kids ages 13-18, but there’s nothing prohibiting adults from joining in as well. You’ll need a profile on Google+ to participate (add Make Magazine to your circles).

The camp will offer 30 days of projects each weekday through Aug. 24.

“Making is a wonderful way for kids to explore and experiment,” said Dale Dougherty, founder and publisher of Make magazine. “A maker-themed camp is a great way to accomplish this, especially for teens who are avid users of social media. They can make amazing projects and also meet new friends by sharing their Google+ circle of friends with others through Maker Camp.”

Each weekday morning, a virtual camp counselor posts a new project and walk campers through the instructions. The days are themed by project type: Maker Monday, Tinkering Tuesday, Weird Science Wednesday, Theoretical Thursday and Field Trip Friday.

In the afternoon, campers can post their videos/photos online and talk about them, including a 12PM Pacific (3PM Eastern),  Counselor Hangout on Google+ to talk about the project, and the Junior Counselor Hangout at 1:30PM Pacific (4:30PM Eastern) live from the MAKE Labs. 

 To find out more and to sign up, visit their website:, or you can visit the Google+ Page.
And here’s the projects for the upcoming week.
Schedule for week 3


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