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Straight Talk TNT: Teen Advice ColumnStraight Talk TNT is a syndicated teen advice column which has been appearing in smaller newspapers around the country since 2004.

Currently syndicated in 10 California newspapers and the Toledo Blade of Ohio, each week they estimate their column is read by over 100,000 youth, parents, grandparents, business leaders and others who care about youth.

Each weekly column features advice on hot topics from a panel of over 70 teens ‘n’ twenties from around the United States. Using a peer-to-peer approach, the column opens a controversial question, to which the panel responds. Added to their opinions are adult observations by Lauren Forcella, the founder of Straight Talk TNT, a parent with a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies and co-founder of Teens-Matter, a non-profit organization working with at-risk youth in Auburn, California.

Straight Talk TNT has switched to a non-profit model in order to boost readership and syndicated costs.  They are hoping to boost their readership in major newspapers by offering the column for free (and operating costs to be paid for by donors and grants) They will also be adding a YouTube channel to boost readership/viewership as well.

No topic is off-limits.  Recent topics include the following:

To find out more about Straight Talk TNT, visit their website:

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